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Ghost Mushrooms 


The Ghost Mushroom (Omphalotus nidiformis) is a bioluminescent fungus that emits a soft green glow at night. The mushrooms emerge in late autumn following good rain and continue into winter, reaching a size of up to 20cm wide. The soft green glow is a result of a chemical reaction between fungal enzymes and oxygen.

The mushrooms cans be seen in a very short window of time in the Padthaway Conservation Park. We attempt to mark these mushrooms out so that visitors to the region can see these amazing mushrooms for themselves. Below is the comparison of day and night Ghost Mushroom. Please note that this image was taken with a very high quality camera and does not appear this bright to the human eye. 

If you are travelling through the region through Autumn or Winter, message us via our Contact Form below and see if these mushrooms are still lighting up the night. 

*Photo courtesy of Luke Leddy 

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